Acknowledging History


We would be remiss without acknowledging history. Maybe the most famous kite photo was taken in 1906 by George R Lawrence after the San Francisco earthquake, documenting destruction for history in a way never seen before. He sold each print for $125 and made $15,000, the equivalent of close to $400,000 in 2015. Look close you can see the city is actually in ruins, Full Frame photography at its best.

Acknowledging History Insightful Elevation Aerial images and video ( golf )

Acknowledging History

Remote aerial photography and videos origins began in 1888. A kite, two strings, and a full frame box camera producing a grainy image of a French river valley. Aerial photos were taken previous to this by placing a photographer inside a hot air balloon.  In 1858 the first aerial photograph was taken by the French Photographer Nadar over Paris, from 1200 feet above the city, using a full frame camera and a tethered hot air balloon. The oldest original Nadar is an 1868 photo of the Arc de Triomphe.