Golf Course Aerial Video App

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Golf Course Aerial Video App

The most often used phrase when a golfer first sees the Insightful Golf Course Aerial Video App?  “Its like cheating!”….. it changes golf for every player.

Each hole is provided with a true Cinema quality HD aerial video accessible at your finger tips. By combining center of the green direction and distance, with the ability to see a true High Definition video representation of the course, it revolutionizes play for every golfer. The Insightful golf video app changes how every player approaches the game.

No matter the skill level , every player would prefer to walk a hole before teeing off, or taking that shot over the hill. Find those bunkers, see a nice landing are, or that pond. An insightful Course allows every player that opportunity, each hole available from their mobile device or in cart tablet.

Ordering food, beverages and balls from the Insightful Golf Arial Video App before the turn saves time while impress guests.

Showcasing each club and course in a way previously reserved for those that host major tournaments.

Changing Golf 

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By bringing a Cinema quality High Definition video into the palm of your hand the Insightful Elevation golf aerial video app is not only changing golf scores, its changing golf pace of play and enjoyment. Know your yardage, whats around the corner, and on the backside of the green from a high definition video fly over and yardage via “heads up” virtual flag. Getting the “Home Course” advantage has never been easier.

A network TV Tour style overlay including course logo, yardage, par and handicap is added to each video. Patrons get the “Sunday afternoon” feel while playing, and talk about your course or resort in a unique way. Present your club and course in a modern look while keeping your traditions intact.

By allowing patrons to pre-order food, refreshments, and Pro Shop items from the course combined with drive by pick up it not only helps maintain (or for some courses increase) pace of play it also increases per round revenue. Players would wouldn’t stop (to keep pace) are more likely, those who traditionally stop often increase their order and more importantly maintain pace. Even those who choose to eat in save 10-15 minutes by using on course ordering. Orders from the on course app are place into queue for dining or pro shop staff to fill. Food, beverages and Pro Shop items can be ordered from the 9th and 18th tee no matter if in a cart or walking.



Golf Course Aerial Video App

Insightful Elevation Golf Aerial Video App Minneapolis and Chicago