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Golf Course Marketing

Golf Course Marketing can be a challenge, especially inside the pro shop or clubhouse. Update the image of your golf resort , clubhouse, or pro shop with the addition of a 55-inch touch screen.  Tables, kiosks, and on wall touch screens change facilities for patrons in a new exciting way and bring the course to them in a way only seen on TV.  Guests and member have weather, stocks and sports all a touch away via Android Apps the recognize.  With space available for additional advertising, resorts and clubs find new ways to reach out and appear cutting edge. Using and Insightful Kiosk with local sponsors allow courses to advertise in a new way.

Orders made from the on course Insightful App are placed into queue for dining or pro shop staff to fill.  Food, beverage and pro shop orders made from the 9th or 18th tee no matter if walking or in a cart.  Preordering and “driving through” increases pace of play and ultimately revenue with higher per player orders.

Additionally, hospitality staff and Pro shop integration to the cloud can reduce staff stress and save time in the dining room.  Dining staff once forced to returning to a point of sale hub now place orders from a tablet and move to the next guest. By assisting an already efficient staff Insightful Courses bring more than a new level of play to your facilities.

Schedule more tee times, tournaments, and events by showcasing your golf course. By creating and innovative golf course marketing plan that showcases your club or course you insure new members and players see your course as innovative and are more likely to return or book events.

Changing Facilities

A 55 – inch touch screen in your golf Pro Shop or Lounge presents the course to members and guests in an innovative way and elevates your corporate image. The Insightful App along with current weather, stocks, sports and tee times are delivered to guests in a dynamic way. Players preview the course and discuss their round while interacting with a water proof touch screen table. With wall mountable, kiosk and table top versions available courses can place touch screens in locker rooms, or provide them as an additional asset to ball rooms for presentations. Sizes ranging from 32 to 80 inches allow for creative locations and applications.

Golf Courses and Golf Clubs use available screen space to advertise local events, local businesses along with golf manufacturers. Event tournament schedules and scores are available at the touch of a screen along with sponsors websites and weather. The Possibilities are endless. Golf course marketing will never be the same again.

Ask us about our new kiosk option, taking up less floor space than a table in your pro shop with the same screen size. Also with custom craftsman available a touch panel can fit any decor. Perhaps something similar to this Rob Leslie concept below.

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Golf Course Marketing

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