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Golf Course Media

Assembling a dynamic golf course media package is critical for success. Bringing the best people, equipment, and idea together isn’t always easy. Cloud technology makes this possible.  Photographers, Graphic Artists, Website Developers, and App Designers can work from different timezones to bring together an innovative golf course media solution. No longer are businesses restricted by geography to put the best team together. Creating 30-40 High Definition videos (essentially a commercial) and incorporating them with an app takes time, using cloud technology allows great people to work together in an assembly line of computers.

Long before Photographers and Video Production arrive each video has been choreographed taking into account time of day and sun angles. Graphic overlays have been created for each hole, and much of the Insightful App is prepared for testing. The first step you see is one of the very last in the process, allowing Insightful Elevation to provide service in weeks not months.

Both public and private courses need dynamic easy to use websites. Attracting new golfers and members along with events is after all, the business they are in. Adding new videos of each hole allows the potential guests to choose your club.

If its true a picture says a thousand words, video never stops talking.

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    GPS guided flight golf course aerial video preparation


Getting amazing High Definition video and photos for each golf course media package takes preparation and the best equipment. 

It isn’t enough to have $20,000 in a camera and flight abilities. An understanding of light, time and even how the game is played is needed. Videographers and pilots prepare for each hole taking into account the position of the sun (computer generated to mimic filming day) and shadows of each shot. Using computer guidance each flight is plotted via GPS controlling direction, altitude, and speed.

Using the same quality Full Frame focused camera for over 250 still images provides photos with depth and color that is worthy of publication and can be used for future video and print applications. Full details of the practice area, Pro Shop, dining and hospitality areas can increase event scheduling by both private individuals and corporations. A full frame professional camera focuses on the entire picture bringing the crisp lines and full color to your website, course guide, club photos and print publications.


Golf Course Media