Touch Screen Kiosk

Touch screen Kiosk

Touch Screen Kiosk

Let us introduce the Insightful AM-1 Touch Screen Kiosk. Bringing our touch screen kiosk into new environments was a matter of time. Adding an Insightful Elevation Marketing kiosk to your sales location raises your image, profile, and bottom line. Allowing each kiosk to be customized for each client and location is what sets it apart.. Owners can customize their touch screen kiosk to suit their specific venue, office, or showroom.  

Follow your own Twitter tweets, Pinterest Pins, and Google+ page via Android widgets placing them front and center. Capitalize on advertising by providing an interactive experience partners have never been able to take advantage of so simply. Every effort has been made to make operating and owning an Insightful Kiosk user friendly. Loading advertiser apps and web sites is as simple as visiting the Google Play Store or bookmarking a website. By connecting to a businesses already existing website users can explore current promotions in a familiar way on a scale they have yet to imagine.

Ask us to explain how a $20 per month investment from your advertising partners turns into $14,000 per year income.

A touch screen kiosk as easy as your phone?

Insightful Elevation makes owning and operating a touch kiosk easy for everyone. Owners are allowed access to the Android GooglePlay Store or the option to save websites to the home page as easy as the phone in their pocket.  Every effort has been made to assure content control suitable for every environment.

Placing an Insightful Elevation touch screen kiosk in a public area allows the owner to provide advertising to prospective clients far beyond a simple changing image. Users interact with a touch screen and visit an advertisers website. A touch screen kiosk provides the advertiser with a dynamic way to connect with new customers. Taking up less than six square feet and needing nothing more than power and a wifi connection. 

Content and sources can be controlled in 3 ways:  Open source: allowing unrestricted use of all apps and websites, giving presentations has never been the same. . Restricted: adds the option of selecting individual apps or web pages. Lock Down: allows owners to limit users to a single internet page. Each of the 3 options include a “wipe clean” feature reseting the Insightful Kiosk after a user defined time for a new customer experience with each use.

Insightful Elevation Touch Screen Kiosk Minneapolis and Chicago